Saturday, December 30, 2017

All-inclusive is the way to go

Wedding planning is stressful. All-inclusive venues offer a lot of perks for bride and groom's. At Ella's Garden we have a lot of services included in our packages so you don't have to sweat the small stuff.

Today I am going to focus on centerpieces. Centerpieces tie in your colors, theme and sometimes even your interest. Since Ella's Garden is an all-inclusive venue we try to offer many selections of centerpieces so you don't have to go buy anything. There are times brides bring in their own centerpieces or hire a florist but our goal is to keep your cost down as much as possible. We include a wide variety of centerpieces for all different style weddings. It is hard to find a venue that will beat the selection we have of centerpieces.  Let's take a look and I will tell you my favorite.

1.Floating Candles
                                                          2. Wood Stumps with greenery

3.Silver and Gold Honeycomb Candle Vases

                                                   4. Mason Jars with Silk Hydrangea

                                                                  5. Candelabra
                                                       6. Hurricane vase with candle

                                                            7. Glass Candle Stands

                                              8. Square glass vase with silk hydrangeas

                                                    9. Wood Stump with White Lantern

                                                      10. Tall Hurricane Vase with Orchids

                                                11. Square glass vase with floating candle

                                                    12. Tall Trumpet Vase with Orchids
                                                  13. Rose Mercury Vase with Hydrangea

                                                   14. White Birdcage with LED candle
                                             15. Fish bowl glass vase with floating candle
                                                16. Hurricane vase with floating candle
                                                      17. Gold short vase with greenery

18. Black Lanterns

 Now that you have seen all of our options for centerpieces, which one is your favorite? It is hard for me to pick just one but the honeycomb trio is my favorite. They are very elegant and look beautiful at night with the candles shining through. 

Picking out centerpieces is a huge step on finalizing your wedding detail plans. However, it doesn't need to be stressful or difficult. Let us help you decide. You can add a mirror under the centerpieces to reflect more light, you can add more votive candles to the table or bring in your personal touches to make it your own. Ella's Garden offers a wide variety of centerpieces that are included in our packages to save you money, time and the hassle of designing your own centerpieces.

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